We love to tell you more about what we do. Is your question not being answered here? Please feel free to contact us at My name is Amanda and I’m a Dutch fine art photographer that appreciates art, printed on cotton paper. To share my passion for fine art images and my travel pictures I started my own little shop. I hope you love it!

What paper do you use?

Mat paper.

What sizes can I order?

We decided not to put all the options on our webshop, if your size is not available their please mail us. The prints can go up to 150 cm. You can contact us at

How long does it take before I get the prints?

You will have your prints within 12 working days.

How are you sending the packages?

We work with POST NL and will send you a message when your prints are send. For prints smaller 20×30 cm the shipping is free. For prints from 30x40cm the shipping is 6,75 euro.

Did you make all these images yourself?

Yes, I captured these images with my Mamiya 645 AF using Kodak and Fuji film. All the images are developed by Carmencita Film Lab.

Create your own style by combining different prints.

You can purchase the black frame online with every print you order. Click here to order one.

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Lars and Amanda